Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Optibase IPTV Platforms Enable Real-Time Video Traffic Monitoring in Korea

Korea Highway Corporation (KHC) has integrated the Optibase MGW 5100 carrier-grade IPTV streaming platform to enable live video monitoring of the country's highways. Samsung Networks provided integration for the video deployment.

The Korea Highway Corporation has stationed analog video cameras alongside the highways to collect traffic information in real-time. The video feeds are delivered over a fiber network to centrally control information for processing and analyzing. The Optibase MGW 5100 encodes the feeds into both H.264 and Windows Media format for the delivery of high quality video streams, in real time, to KHC's Regional Control centers, monitoring the traffic conditions from afar.

Additionally, an on-board Windows Media Server enables viewing of traffic conditions on the KHC Web site using any PC or PDA running a Windows Media Player. This provides drivers with maximum traffic information before they approach the highways.

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