Sunday, July 9, 2006

NET Offers Secure Tactical Voice Exchange

Network Equipment Technologies announced general availability of its NET VX400 Tactical Voice Exchange, the first deployment of NET's Voice Exchange (VX) VoIP software platform on DTECH LABS' 2nd generation mobile VoIP hardware platform. The VX Software platform is based on NET's SHOUT VoIP technology.

Targeted at the tactical government, military and first-responder markets, the VX400 offers the full set of VX software functionality already available in the VX900T Secure VoIP Gateway, developed jointly between NET and DTECH LABS in 2005. Whereas the VX900T is geared to support between 5 and 120 users, the VX400 is designed to support 1-4 tactical secure call users, plus data, over an IP-based satellite network infrastructure. Both products are fully compatible with NET's VX Series Voice Exchange switches, providing end-to-end, tactical-to-fixed site connectivity. Both firms will offer the platform to their respective customers. NET will offer the product as the VX400 and DTECH LABS as the WHISPER400.

NET said the VX400 Secure VoIP platform was designed to meet the growing demand for mobile secure telephone unit (STU), secure terminal equipment (STE) and secure communications interoperability protocol (SCIP) (or future narrow band digital terminal (FNBDT)) calling over emerging broadband global area networks (BGAN) and very small aperture (VSAT) IP-based satellite networks. The VX VoIP software is extremely bandwidth-efficient and offers fault-tolerant capabilities for secure calls -- including data compression, forward error correction, echo cancellation and jitter correction -- all critical factors when operating in tactical, high-latency or unpredictable network environments.

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