Tuesday, July 4, 2006

NEC to Participate in GMI 2006

NEC will participate in the upcoming Global MSF (MultiService Forum) Interoperability (GMI) 2006.

GMI 2006, which is scheduled for Oct 16 to 27, will bring together dozens of carriers and vendors to test the interoperability of IMS (IP Multimedia System)-based infrastructure components in a real world setting. The event aims to test multi-vendor interoperability necessary for next generation network (NGN) infrastructure.

Currently, 26 MSF member companies, representing the world's top telecom carriers and vendors, intend to participate in GMI 2006. GMI 2006 will consist of interoperability implementation at sites in Japan, US, England and Korea for IMS service and QoS.

NEC will provide its CS-MGW (Circuit Switch Media Gateway) and IMS platform products in the Japan and UK sites to verify interoperability between multi-vendor equipment. http://www.nec.co.jp

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