Sunday, July 30, 2006

MetaSwitch Unveils IMS-Solution for Cable Operators

MetaSwitch introduced an IMS-based telephony solution aimed at the cable market called COMPETE! or Cable Operator Multiservice Platform for Enhanced Telephony Evolution. This new platform, which is based on MetaSwitch's existing softswitch platform, enables cable operators to offer voice services to both business and residential customers, including services such as hosted private branch exchange (PBX), unified communications and converged T1 services over IP.

The MetaSwitch COMPETE! solution is compatible with IMS and PacketCable Release 2 specifications. It features Cisco IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) infrastructure components, including the Cisco uBR7246VXR and uBR10012 Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS), Linksys multimedia telephony adapters and Scientific Atlanta set-top boxes. The COMPETE! solution is enabled by Cisco's Service Exchange Framework (SEF) component of IP NGN, which enables cable operators with seamless support for IMS as well as non-IMS applications - including Web 2.0 applications, .NET applications and others.

Other components of the COMPETE! solution include MetaSwitch's multimedia session control and application server and equipment from other companies including middleware for television-based services such as on-screen caller identification (CID), missed call list, and voicemail. In addition, as part of the COMPETE! solution, MetaSwitch announced support for dynamic quality of service (DQOS) within its Call Management Server component.

MetaSwitch said a key advantage of the COMPETE! solution is that it can be deployed as multiple distributed network elements, for scalability to hundreds of thousands of end users, or in a "drop-in" solution that integrates all the key telephony functions in a single chassis.

The MetaSwitch IMS-based softswitch solution is already being deployed by more than 10 cable operators, including Clear Creek Telephone & TeleVision, Cunningham Communications, Penasco Valley Telecommunications and Vidia Communications.


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