Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Meriton Optical Transport Selected by Telepak, Buckeye TeleSystem

Telepak Networks, a CLEC with over 1,900 miles of fiber throughout Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida, has deployed the Meriton Networks 6400 OTP (Optical Transport Platform) to deliver advanced new broadband services at rates up to 10 Gbps to customers throughout the state of Mississippi.

Meriton said some of the main drivers for Telepak Networks' selection of the 6400 OTP were its optical backplane, jumperless technology and provisioning simplicity, which reduce the carrier's operational expenses. The 6400 OTP gives Telepak Networks the ability to add capacity, wavelengths and additional nodes to the network, without having to re-engineer the entire optical ring. The rapid networking planning and service provisioning capabilities of the 6400 OTP allow Telepak Networks to swiftly meet its customers' changing service demands with accelerated service provisioning times.

Separately, Buckeye TeleSystem, a facilities-based provider of telecommunications services with 1,700 route miles of fiber in Ohio, has launched a new triple play network infrastructure based on the Meriton Networks 6400 OTP. Buckeye TeleSystem offers a full array of solutions for voice, data, and video requirements, including local and long-distance phone service, Internet and intranet access, and video conferencing. Buckeye TeleSystem is leveraging its the art, multi-service infrastructure to deliver converged voice and Ethernet data services to the Toledo Public School district, and to supply Triple Play services at competitive prices to the surrounding residential and business customers. A sister company, Buckeye CableSystem, for years has provided video services to Toledo schools via its hybrid fiber-coax network.

Meriton's 6400 optical transport platform combines wavelength selective switch technology with a GMPLS control plane, 10-port multiservice GFP card, and a GUI-based network management system. The 6400 OTP leverages Meriton's ADM-on-a-Wavelength technology to provide a truly "reconfigurable" optical add-drop multiplexer capable of delivering SONET/SDH and Ethernet-based services.


Foundations for Video Transport Networks
impact of IPTV and other broadband multimedia services on service
provider backbones will be enormous. Driven by changes in consumer
viewing practices, even the very nature of the traffic will change over
time. Service providers should deploy optical wavelength networking deep
into the access network, and only undertake service layer processing
when it adds value.

Interview with Mike Pascoe, President and CEO

  • Overview of Meriton Networks
  • The Mahi Acquisition
  • Agile Optical Networking (AON)
  • Meriton's partnerships
  • Optical networking market share
  • Next generation networks
  • BT's 21CN and the Fujitsu partnership

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