Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ixia Scales its Optixia Test Platform

Ixia introduced the next addition to its Optixia product line -- the Optixia XM test system and Optixia XM12 chassis -- featuring ultra-high Ethernet port density of 144 GbE or 36 10 GbE ports per 17.5 inch tall chassis. The new system delivers the highest test port density available today and maintains backward compatibility with previous Optixia systems and software.

Ixia said the new Optixia XM12 addresses the growing needs of equipment manufacturers and service providers to execute high performance, high density testing of Ethernet-based network equipment for rollout into metro networks.

In addition to high density Ethernet, the Optixia XM system supports common wide area network interfaces, including OC-3/12/48/192 POS, OC-3/12 ATM, Power over Ethernet, the Encryption Load Module for IPSec, and the Application Load Module for high performance application layer traffic.

"The Optixia XM is a significant evolution of the Optixia product line we introduced more than four years ago. The scalability and performance requirements of our customers continue to grow as larger networks are rolled out, and we have responded with a test platform that will take them into the future," said Errol Ginsberg, Ixia President and CEO. "Fundamental to the Optixia XM design is its adherence to our core design principles -- providing a single test platform for comprehensive Layer 2-7 testing, and maintaining compatibility with Ixia's existing products to ease customer migration without forklift upgrades."

The Optixia XM test system will be available in Q3 2006.

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