Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ixia Enhances Automated Test Application

Ixia has updated and enhanced its test application for executing automated performance and functionality testing of network devices. The updated Aptixia IxAutomate 6.00 release enables the testing of Layer 2-7 devices and systems all from a single test framework, including switches, routers, broadband access devices, firewalls and content switches. The new release transitions the former IxScriptMate application to an extensible test automation framework and changed its name to IxAutomate to better reflect this new functionality.

IxAutomate, part of Ixia's Aptixia family of test applications, provides a test environment for executing automated tests that run without manual intervention, any time of day. More than 90 test methodologies including RFC-defined performance benchmarking, routing, QoS, broadband, content aware devices, etc., are pre-built and available from Ixia. In large-scale environments, such as proof-of-concept and system test labs, IxAutomate tests can be set up and executed across many hundreds of network ports. These capabilities enable service providers to speed and simplify testing during the pre-deployment validation of devices and networks. Network Equipment Manufacturers can use IxAutomate to validate and benchmark new products and ongoing software releases in a repeatable, scaleable fashion. http://www.ixiacom.com/ixautomate

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