Sunday, July 16, 2006

Integra5 Targets Personalized Content with Converged Platform

Integra5 introduced a suite of applications that enable its i5 Converged Service Delivery Platform (i5 C-SDP) to deliver personalized web content and interactive advertising in real time to multiple TVs and PCs. The "i-Inform" application suite leverages web services technology, RSS functionality and IMS/SIP architectures.

Integra5's i5 C-SDP platform puts the intelligence at the edge of the network, enabling and managing the delivery of converged services to the home without requiring an advanced set-top box. The new i-Inform application suite complements the i-Communicate suite, which enables subscribers to receive and respond to communications and messaging content on their TVs and PCs, including Picture Caller ID, call history, new landline or wireless voicemails, e-mails and faxes. Integra5's platform has been commercially deployed with multiple service providers since mid-2004.

i-Inform applications that work out of the box with the i5 C-SDP include:

  • i-Inform Care -- Alerts subscribers in real time about important service provider events and new products.

  • Broadcast CRM Messaging -- Notify groups of subscribers regarding
    planned service upgrades, new programming and reduce calls to the call center.

  • Targeted CRM Messaging -- Customize messages according to subscriber profiles.

  • i-Inform Target -- Gives subscribers highly personalized information they choose to receive, such as personalized news, sports, weather and specific product information, on the devices they select.

  • TV and PC Content Alerts -- Opt-in to receive content on the topics that interest them.

  • Targeted Advertising -- Opt-in for advertising information tailored to their local area and interests.

  • i-Inform Act -- Adds interactivity and commerce to information alerts and advertisements.

  • Channel Telescoping -- Click to opt-in for notification of specific RSS newsfeeds and then switch to that programming channel with a click of the remote.

  • Click-to-Call -- Click on an advertisement to contact the advertiser direct via phone from any TV or PC.

  • Interactive Advertising -- Turn local ads into interactive ads, tuning to Dedicated Advertiser Location (DAL). Synchronize with local video feed.

as the Ultimate IMS Endpoint
lifetime value of a triple- or quad-play subscriber is worth exponentially
more than a single-service subscriber. The biggest factor in this
calculation is not ARPU, but rather “stickiness�? that results in
reduction in churn and also reduction in the retention spending required
to minimize churn. IMS could tie all services together. Service providers
do not need to wait for their complete IMS build-out and/or advanced
digital boxes capable of SIP communications, as this could take years --
even decades -- to happen across an entire operating region. A hybrid
approach is an option.


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