Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Gizmo Project Offers "All Calls Free" to 60 Countries

SIPphone, developers of the free Gizmo Project Internet calling software, launched an "All Calls Free" program giving its users unlimited free calling to landlines and mobile phones of other active Gizmo Project users in 60 countries around the world.

People who wish to participate need to download Gizmo Project softphone clients, sign up for a free account and add their friends, family and business contacts to their Gizmo Project Contact list. Callers can then call their Contacts on their mobile phones, landlines or Gizmo Project for free. There is no cost to sign-up and the program is open.

To be eligible for All Calls Free, users have to log in to their account and make a call using Gizmo Project to attain "active" status. Thereafter, calls to other active Gizmo Project users in select countries will be free. Active users are those people who regularly use Gizmo Project to make calls to other Gizmo Project users (on a PC) or to any landline or mobile phone.

  • In July 2005, The Gizmo Project, a free VoIP service developed by Michael Robertson and his team at SIPphone, released the first public beta of its consumer VoIP software. Robertson's previous start-ups have included, Linspire, SIPphone and most recently

  • Unlike Skype, Gizmo is based on SIP and follows a standards-based approach to its network and directory.

  • In January 2006, SIPphone and Google Talk became the first major instant messaging networks to launch complete compatibility between their user bases.

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