Wednesday, July 26, 2006

France Telecom Reaches 8.5 Million DSL Users, 306,000 IPTV Customers

Citing very rapid growth in consumer DSL services, France Telecom Group reported revenue of EUR 25.86 billion to 30-June-2006, representing a growth of 9.3% on an historical basis and 1.4% on a comparable basis. The gross operating margin was 9.47 billion EURs. Some highlights:

  • The total number of customers served by France Telecom companies reached 88.7 million, up by 32.8% year-over-year on a historical basis and 14.8% on a comparable basis.

  • Traditional fixed line services and narrowband services continue to decline. Total revenue from fixed line fell 16% on a comparable basis, reflecting cuts in the tariffs for fixed-to-mobile calls and a drop in the total volume of telephone traffic.

  • The number of consumer ADSL Broadband accesses totaled 8.5 million in Europe, up by 39% in a year. In the first half of 2006, 1.1 million new users were added. France Telecom's own Home service was serving 5.2 million retail ADSL customers at the end of the quarter.

  • The number of wholesale broadband Livebox gateways surged to 2.9 million, up from 716,000 a year earlier.

  • The number of VoIP customers grew by nearly 80% in six months to a total of 1.73 million as of 30-June-2006.

  • There were 306,000 subscribers to the ADSL digital television service in France

  • CAPEX to revenue ratio maintained at 11.8% (compared with 11.5% on an historical basis and 11.6% on a comparable basis) with CAPEX of EUR 3.06 billion.

  • Net financial debt amounted to EUR 47.234 billion, down from EUR 47.846 at 31-Dec-2005, a reduction of EUR 612 million.

  • Revenues from Orange France were EUR 4.823 billion, an increase of 2% on a comparable basis and 1.8% on a historical basis.

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