Sunday, July 9, 2006

CoreOptics Raises $28 Million Round for 10, 40 Gbps Optical Subsystems

CoreOptics, a developer and manufacturer of 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps optical networking subsystems, raised $28 million from new and existing investors, bringing the company's total funding to date to over $68 million.

CoreOptics offers 10G/40G transponder subsystems products that are designed to overcome optical layer impairments using advanced digital signal processing techniques based on Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimator (MLSE) algorithm. CoreOptics currently offers complete 10G DWDM, 40/43G Single Channel Short Reach and DWDM 300 pin MSA transponder subsystems; including key building blocks such as 43 Gb/s Ultra-FEC, 40G Mux/DeMux for 4x10G client signals and Interface Converter supporting SFI-5s, SFI-4, XFI.

CoreOptics' 10G transponder product is enabled by the company's MLSE electronic equalization engine that acts adaptively as part of the receiver to compensate for both optical and electrical distortions accumulated along the transmission link. CoreOptics 10G DWDM transponder product is in deployment with 15 service providers globally.

CoreOptics said the key benefits of its product platform include reduction in first-in CAPEX, by eliminating the need for the conventional Dispersion Compensation Modules (DCMs) and Dual-Stage amplifiers. The OPEX savings include simplification of network planning, installation and provisioning by enabling a complete set of plug-and-play features. The distortion tolerant transponder will enable transmission of 10 Gbps services on the widely deployed 2.5 Gbps metro networks.

CoreOptics has operations in Nuremberg, Germany and Manchester New Hampshire.

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