Sunday, July 30, 2006

Convergin Adds SCIM Capabilities for Wireline Carriers

Convergin has enhanced its Accolade convergence SCIM (Service Capabilities Interaction Management) platform with new capabilities that allow connectivity of softswitches and IMS Call Session Control Functions (CSCF), with existing legacy services.

Convergin's Accolade platform allows SIP and IMS platforms to issue SIP queries towards legacy wireline AIN/INAP services, enabling operators' SS7 services to be delivered not only to the SS7/TDM switches, but also to next generation softswitches and IMS/SIP CSCFs.

Convergin said its SCIM platform not only enable SIP access to existing legacy SCP-based services, but can also control the access to those services from various switching platforms and service providers. Service providers that deploy Convergin's Accolade platform for legacy services can later use the platform to enhance their service offerings to permit SIP-based services and SIP/IMS Application Servers for legacy and next generation networks.

"We see a strong demand to provide core network solutions for service providers that are running mostly legacy services and also want to seamlessly deliver the same services to the recently-deployed next generation networks," said Dr. Ayal Itzkovitz, CEO of Convergin. "Our SCIM offering answers this need by unifying service delivery across fixed, mobile and IMS domains, while supporting and accelerating the migration to IMS."

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