Monday, July 24, 2006

Boingo Adds Taipei's City-Wide Wi-Fi Net to Roaming System

Boingo Wireless announced a roaming agreement with Q-Ware Systems of Taiwan that adds its network of Wi-Fi hot spots -- including Taipei City's WIFLY city-wide wireless network -- to the worldwide Boingo Roaming System. Boingo is the first foreign service provider to be granted roaming access to the WIFLY network. As a result, Boingo Roaming System subscribers traveling to the country will now be able to access both the Taipei City metro Wi-Fi network and all Starbucks locations across Taiwan through their easy-to-use Boingo software.

The Taipei City network, which was launched in December 2005 and is known as WIFLY, uses approximately 4,100 access points (APs) throughout 42 main roads in Taipei, providing wireless signal coverage to most residential and business/commercial districts. The network makes Taipei the world's largest wireless city in terms of scale, number of APs, and speed of installation, and provides citizens with Internet access in addition to a range of planned e-government and e-lifestyle services.

Boingo now provides access to over 45,000 locations from more than 130 leading Wi-Fi operators.

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