Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Avaya Reports 99.999% Availability for FIFA World Cup Network

Avaya reported 99.999% availability and not a single major outage or error for the converged communication network it built for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

In all, the network Avaya built for FIFA carried over 21 trillion bytes of data during the World Cup. According to Avaya, a total of 21,126 terabytes of voice and data traffic was transferred over the network between May 15, when the network became operational, and July 10. During that time, people have logged on to the converged communications network approximately 642,538 times and made 364,395 phone calls on the network, which represents 789,810 minutes of calling time.

On the day of the Final Match between France and Italy, 111,150 megabytes of data traffic traveled over the network, 55,037 people logged on to the converged network, and 3,456 phone calls were made, representing 6,217 minutes of calling time.

The converged network -- which combined voice and data on the same infrastructure -- connected the 12 host stadiums, the stadium media centers, and the FIFA headquarters in Berlin. Players, coaches, volunteers and fans alike benefited from the network that was used to issue accreditations for players and journalists, report results, track materials and inventory, confirm accommodations at FIFA's official hotels, and maintain security systems.

"This is one of the largest and most sophisticated converged networks ever built," said Doug Gardner, managing director for Avaya's FIFA World Cup technical program. "Avaya deployed more than 650 wireless access points, 1,000 Avaya switches at the edge of the network and 38 core data switches from Extreme."http://www.avaya.com

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