Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AT&T Launches Homezone -- Combining Satellite and Broadband Content

AT&T began offering its "Homezone" service in San Antonio, Texas and the state of Ohio -- its first markets. AT&T Homezone combines AT&T DISH Network Digital Satellite TV with AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet service. In addition to live satellite TV programming, the service uses the broadband connection to provide access to hundreds of movies, television shows and short films. Up to 5 downloaded titles can be stored on receiver at any one time. A rental charge is applied once the film is played.

The AT&T Homezone receiver can support up to two televisions at the same time with access to recorded programs, movies, photo and music collections from either TV. The second TV receives its signal through a home's existing coaxial cable wiring.

2Wire is the CPE provider for the AT&T Homezone receiver.

The AT&T Homezone receiver can also be used to consolidate digital music from PCs in the home. It also connects to the AT&T Yahoo! LAUNCHcast streaming digital radio service.

The Homezone service is $9.99 per month (new AT&T | DISH Network subscribers only). This is in addition to the service fees associated with AT&T | DISH Network programming and AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet. The standard DVR service fee of $5.98 per month also applies.


  • In April 2006, AT&T announced plans to offer the Internet-based Akimbo video-on-demand service as part of its upcoming AT&T's Homezone TV service.

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