Sunday, July 9, 2006

Amino Selected for Northern Europe's First HD IPTV Service

Holland's Lijbrandt Telecom BV selected Amino to supply its STBs for its High Definition (HD) IPTV service, which was rolled-out in time for World Cup football matches. Lijbrandt is investing EUR 150-200 million in its new network and expects to grow to 120,000 subscribers within three years.

The service is unique as all of Lijbrandt's competitors use the Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) standard, whereas Lijbrandt uses the Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB) format. The companies said good DMB reception can be achieved with existing DAB transmitters that only use low amounts of power to cover a large catchment area. The exclusively small form factor of the STB was a key reason that the AmiNET series was selected - because other providers broadcast via DVB, their STBs can be as large as a traditional VCR. When the service was initially trialled, 82% of those surveyed at the end of the assessment said they preferred the Lijbrandt service to their current service, and many specifically mentioned the small size of the box as a highlight.


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