Monday, July 17, 2006

Actimagine Raises $3Million for Mobile Video Codecs

Actimagine, a start-up based in Paris, raised EUR3 million in equity financing for its video compression technologies. The company's "Mobiclip" video codec software is optimized for low-power consumption.

Actimagine said its codec is a completely new technology and not subject to MPEG, MP3 or any other codec licenses. Mobiclip has already been endorsed by major content studios such as Sony Pictures Digital to deliver full-length, full-screen, 30 frames per second movies on 128MB memory cards. Leading handset manufacturers like Nokia and Sony Ericsson have launched marketing campaigns for new smart phones by bundling them with memory cards, powered by Mobiclip, containing full-length blockbuster movies. With Mobiclip, a Nokia phone with full standard batteries runs more than 7 hours of video playback without recharging.

Nintendo has licensed Mobiclip to feature 90 minutes of animated classics such as Shrek or Pokemon on 32MB cartridges on the Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP and the Nintendo DS. Fisher-Price uses Actimagine's software video codec to provide cartoons on its Pixter Multi-Media toy.

Actimagine also joined forces with Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas to increase video performances for its ARM based portfolio of microcontrollers.

The funding round was led by US-based GRP Partners.

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