Monday, July 24, 2006

3G Americas Publishes White Paper on IMS

3G Americas, the industry association whose mission is to promote and facilitate the deployment throughout the Americas of GSM and its evolution to 3G , has published a white paper that focuses specifically on IMS architecture, as defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), as the new application enabler for IP-based multimedia services.

The paper, entitled IMS: Application Enabler and UMTS/HSPA Growth Catalyst, addresses the ways in which 3GPP IMS architecture is best suited for the blending of real-time and non real-time multimedia services, and how it optimizes the application life-cycle through rapid and efficient service creation and deployment. Further, the paper illustrates how basic IMS services such as Presence, Messaging, and others, can become enablers of larger, personalized, interactive and collaborative multimedia services. The paper describes how IMS will play a key role in the introduction of these new revenue-generating services, and how the deployment of the GSM evolution through UMTS/HSPA will improve the user experience and generate demand for additional services.

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