Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Verizon Business Offers Managed WLAN Service

Verizon Business will begin offering a new managed WLAN service to enable large corporate and government customers to extend the reach of their networks within office buildings, factories and other locations. The Verizon Business Managed Wireless LAN (WLAN) Service addresses all aspects of a WLAN deployment and provides a platform for the introduction of future applications, such as voice-over-WLAN.

The Verizon Business Managed Wireless LAN Service uses hardware developed by Aruba Networks. Built-in security features, such as centralized network and policy management and intrusion detection and prevention, help ensure that only authorized employees and devices gain access to enterprise systems, applications and data.

Verizon Business said it will use a multi-step approach to the deployment and management of WLANs. It first gathers extensive data at the customer location, including anticipated usage and building layout. Then it creates and validates a WLAN network schematic to ensure appropriate placement of necessary hardware to meet customer coverage and performance requirements. In addition, Verizon Business performs a thorough review of security and authentication policies.

Verizon Business procures, installs and tests WLAN-related equipment. Once the service is up and running, Verizon Business proactively manages the performance and usage of the WLAN; monitors to help prevent unauthorized access or the attachment of rogue devices; and provides reporting capabilities to highlight key performance metrics.

Verizon Business also offers two optional professional assessment services. The Wireless Site Assessment Service provides customers with a comprehensive network-readiness study, including a detailed analysis of physical site characteristics and potential internal and external sources of interference. The Wireless Security Assessment Service entails an in-depth review of wireless authentication, access and usage policies. In addition, Verizon Business will conduct a post-implementation WLAN review to determine if further remediation is required.

The Verizon Business Managed Wireless LAN Service will be available in mid-July in the United States as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with Verizon Business' managed local- or wide-area networking services. The service was previously available only on a custom basis.


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