Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Verizon and DIRECTV in New Venture to Offer Wholesale "Triple Play"

Verizon and DIRECTV will form a new venture to enable Verizon wholesale customers to sell a package of voice, DSL and DIRECTV services. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The packaged offering will be available to telecom service providers that utilize Verizon's Wholesale Advantage voice service. Verizon expects to make the bundle available to wholesale customers in July.

"The triple-play offer for wholesalers enables DIRECTV to reach a new segment of customers with an attractive array of services that will more effectively compete with the local cable provider," said John Suranyi, president, DIRECTV sales and service.


  • In February 2006, BellSouth signed a five-year exclusive marketing alliance with DIRECTV, allowing it to offer digital satellite entertainment service to its customers.

  • Also in February 2006, DIRECTV confirmed that it is preparing to launch a Broadband Video by the end of the year that would deliver content-on-demand to a DVR. Hundreds of hours of popular content would be available for download via satellite, and thousands of hours would be available for download via broadband over the Internet.

  • DirecTV currently has over 15 million customers, 2.5 million DVRs in service and one million HD customers. The company added 1.2 million net subscribers in 2005, down from 1.2 million net subscribers in 2004. By the end of 2007, DirecTV will have 11 of its own satellites in service, providing it with the capacity of 3,200 channels, including 1,650 HD channels (mostly Ka-band). This will enable 150 national HD channels and local HD programming in nearly all markets across the country.

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