Sunday, June 4, 2006

Tropic Networks Outlines IP over DWDM Strategy

Tropic Networks, which supplies metro-regional OADM/DWDM platform, outlined an IP-over-DWDM strategy that allows third party transponders to be launched directly from the switch/router into the DWDM layer together with the associated optical management and power control that its Wavelength Tracker metro regional DWDM system delivers.

Tropic Networks' "Wavelength Tracker" technology tags each wavelength in the DWDM layer with a unique signature that tracks, monitors and reports faults -- without requiring any additional DWDM transponders. This capability even distinguishing between multiple instances of the same color traveling through the network.

Tropic said its Wavelength Tracker allows carriers to expand their optical services without adding unnecessary cost, yet still maintaining critical management capabilities.

Tropic noted that a major cable operator has been using this IP over DWDM solution in their network for over two years without a single outage.

"The strategy of launching DWDM directly from client platforms to reduce cost has been available for years in proprietary, single vendor SONET/SDH solutions., We now see the opportunity for an open architecture, multi-vendor paradigm with the focus on high-bandwidth IP service delivery. As more of the leading switch/router vendors are integrating DWDM interfaces onto their platforms we will see this strategy accelerate within our customer base. We have demonstrated, tested and deployed this IP over DWDM solution using a number of different routers that support DWDM optics, as well as having proven out our multi-vendor 40G DWDM support," said Ben Bacque, VP R&D at Tropic.


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