Sunday, June 4, 2006

Tropic Networks Adds Wavelength Selective Switching to ROADM

Tropic Networks introduced its next evolution of the Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) based on its Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) technology.

In common with both the static OADM and blocker-based ROADMs, Tropic Networks has integrated its Wavelength Tracker all-optical management technology into the WSS solution.

The launch of the WSS ROADM variant rounds out the portfolio for Tropic Networks and allows customers to mix and match solutions as required. For example, while WSS technology may be required at video distribution or other multi-degree hub sites, it may not be required at the drop sites and edge node locations.

Tropic Networks said its solution will co-exist with the current blocker-based ROADM and deliver all-optical mesh networking capabilities to both telco and cable customers.

"Tropic has been in the reconfigurable OADM market for over four years and we are now seeing WSS components maturing to a point where it makes sense to productize them into systems-level solutions. This is very similar to what the industry experienced with blockers, in that the first generation was available in the late 1990's but the components didn't really mature until 2003 when we introduced our first ROADM product. We are seeing the same cycle recur now, as the WSS prototype devices from multiple vendors mature into fully qualified production devices. Critically important is that these devices have comparable capabilities and performance that creates a stable, multi-sourced competitive supply base that can support broad deployment, but will also enable the 40G network evolution without requiring any equipment swap-outs," said Ben Bacque, VP R&D at Tropic Networks.

"We are also encouraged to see the component manufacturing processes maturing, allowing our suppliers to ship production volumes, and to continue to drive down their manufacturing costs."


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