Monday, June 12, 2006

Spirent Adds to its Avalanche Load Testing Line

Spirent Communications announced a number of enhancements to its "Avalanche" Load Testing Appliances line. These include:

  • the Avalanche 2700, a rack-mountable test appliance capable of generating nearly 100,000 HTTP requests per second, 1.7 million concurrent connections and up to 3.8Gbps of traffic to simulate extremely high volumes of network and user traffic.

  • the Avalanche 7.5 load testing software, which adds enhancements to generate realistic network and user behavior for IPSec and IPv6.

  • the Avalanche Starter Kit, an appliance aimed at providing workgroups with an economical way to load test. It provides the ability to simulate up to 50 concurrent users or 500 concurrent TCP connections.

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