Tuesday, June 6, 2006

SeaChange Powers H.264 HD OnDemand TV in Japan

OnDemand TV Inc., a joint venture of Japanese conglomerate ITOCHU Corporation and NTT-West, will launch H.264-encoded, high-definition content to FTTH-connected subscribers around Tokyo and Osaka beginning next month.

The OnDemand TV service, capitalizing on SeaChange's IPTV Systems since early 2005, continues to deliver MPEG-2 streams for standard-definition movies and programs in conjunction with the range of new H.264-encoded high-definition choices, which incorporate AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) surround sound.

SeaChange's IPTV System automates entire on-demand services from content intake right down to set-top applications. It combines fault-resilient and highly-scalable SeaChange MediaCluster servers with SeaChange Axiom video operation system software. Axiom manages sessions and resources for all video network functions, including streaming and application network services, thereby ensuring that bandwidth is optimized and providing seamless access for set-top applications. In OnDemand TV's deployments, the SeaChange IPTV System works in conjunction with locally developed Buffalo digital set-top boxes and subscriber navigation from Square Enix.

OnDemand TV and SeaChange are also collaborating to bring on-demand services to hotels and other multi-dwelling units. SeaChange's long-standing distribution partner, Itochu Technoscience Corporation (CTC), is chief system integrator for OnDemand TV.


  • At its commercial launch in March 2005, OnDemand TV became the world's first on-demand service delivered over IP v6 fiber.

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