Thursday, June 22, 2006

Narad Integrates RAD Pseudo-Wire Technology into HFC Solutions

Narad Networks, a supplier of last-mile Ethernet access systems for HFC networks, has integrated RAD Data Communications' pseudo-wire circuit emulation technology into the NARAD Broadband Interface Unit (BIU) to provide cable MSOs with a single-box solution delivering T1/E1 plus Ethernet over HFC.

Narad has physically integrated RAD's pseudo-wire, ASIC-based CES technology into their BIUs to deliver a family of broadband Ethernet CPE devices that include single T1/E1, quad T1/E1 and high precision clock recovery options (better than 16ppb). Furthermore, Narad's Service Delivery Platform (NSDP) has been enhanced to support the combined solution providing enhanced configuration, management and service assurance.

Narad will market these integrated devices under its own name.

RAD has been shipping its TDMoIP-based IPmux and Gmux solutions for over five years with more than 40,000 ports installed worldwide.


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