Sunday, June 18, 2006

Motorola Introduces MeshPlanner Software

Motorola introduced "MeshPlanner" software for designing outdoor wireless mesh networks. The software, a component of Motorola's MOTOwi4 portfolio of wireless broadband solutions and services, helps to reduce labor and planning costs and enables quicker implementation of a high performance mesh network.

A key factor in mesh network design is the impact the environment has on network performance. MeshPlanner addresses this issue by creating and utilizing an RF-intelligent map, which combines a basic map of the area, a list of possible mounting points for hardware, terrain data, and clutter information such as the location of buildings and foliage. During the network planning stage, MeshPlanner predicts the effect that the terrain, buildings and foliage have on radio signal propagation and the resulting network performance.

Other critical factors to a successful design include signal coverage and overall network capacity. After placing equipment in MeshPlanner's RF-intelligent map and designating which access points (APs) will have a direct backhaul connection, the designer can run simulations to analyze and visualize signal coverage and capacity.

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