Sunday, June 4, 2006

Metaswitch Unveils Enhanced IMS-based Solution Set

MetaSwitch announced a range of new technologies as part of its Multimedia-Enhanced Telephony Architecture (META) strategy, targeted at carriers migrating to converged multi-service networks.

The addition of Home Subscriber Server (HSS) support delivers a key component in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks, to create an efficient service creation and delivery program for different services and different types of access networks. Additionally, MetaSwitch announced functionality for core trunking / tandem switching applications, enhanced operational and network management capabilities, as well as an expanded professional services program.

Carriers can now leverage standard functions defined by IMS for access to subscriber information in a Home Subscriber Server (HSS) with an open interface that enables application servers to add, retrieve and update service profile information held for each subscriber, using the IMS standard XML schema. Opening up access to external application servers in this way will enable third-party developers, including carriers themselves, to rapidly create new services that integrate seamlessly with the MetaSwitch IMS switching platform.

MetaSwitch also unveiled new core switching capabilities designed to enable carriers to collapse traditional hierarchical Class 4 / Class 5 networks to a flat network architecture based on a centralized session control function.

With support for a broad range of traditional trunking protocols, packet tandem functions and intelligent, flexible routing control, these new capabilities provide significant advantages for regional and national service providers--setting the stage for a cost-effective, revenue-based migration to IMS-based services.

In other MetaSwitch news:

  • MetaSwitch has passed the six million subscriber license and two million gateway port deployment marks

  • MetaSwitch has been ranked as one of the top two leading vendors in the North American Class 5 softswitch market, according to a recent report issued by Infonetics Research

  • MetaSwitch is expanding its Partner Program. Vendors recently joining the MetaSwitch Partner Program include Allied Telesyn, Calix, Cordell, CustomCall Data Systems, Dash911, IBM/Micromuse, Integra5, IP Unity, Newport Networks, Mpathix, Nuera, Rodopi Software , Telesciences, and Vapps. The new program members add to the dozens of existing partner solutions from access equipment, to application servers, to OSS and billing solutions, and even wholesale Inter Exchange Carriers (IXCs).

  • MetaSwitch will participate in the MultiService Forum's (MSF) GMI 2006 test event, which will bring together dozens of carriers and vendors to test the interoperability of IMS-based infrastructure components in a real-world setting.

  • MetaSwitch recently completed the IBM/Micromuse Netcool certification process, which enables carriers to integrate MetaSwitch platforms into any Netcool-managed network, and ultimately allow for real-time, end-to-end network management.

  • MetaSwitch has formed a partnership with TeleSciences based on the proven interoperability with TeleSciences 600i Mediation Platform and MetaSwitch's multimedia-enhanced telephony solutions. This partnership enables network operators to maximize revenues and increase customer satisfaction with accurate, blended billing across multiple wireline, mobile and cable services delivered in an IMS framework.

  • MetaSwitch has built a substantial professional services organization that rivals those of major vendors for its expertise in delivering complete turnkey deployments, project management and technology consulting services. Many of MetaSwitch's larger customers are leveraging these capabilities to increase efficiency, reduce time-to-revenue for new market initiatives, or smoothly migrate hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a short time period.

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