Monday, June 19, 2006

JDSU Expands Home Networking Test Portfolio

JDSU expanded its portfolio of home networking test solutions with the introduction of a new home network installation meter, the IVT-600, and a new software management tool called Plan-Um AP (advanced planning). The IVT-600 is a home networking installation meter that handles physical wiring tests for IP-based voice, video and data services in the home or small office. Capabilities include:

  • "Test" - Verification of wiring integrity and wire mapping, including both twisted pair and coaxial cables. It also performs outlet identification and Ethernet verification via the testing of dynamic host and configuration protocol (DHCP) and ping, which help verify network connectivity and ensure server operations are functioning properly.

  • "Talk" - VoIP installation testing and subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) emulation.

  • "Trace" - Advanced tone generation and tracing (including three
    different tone sounds) with the ability to trace coaxial wires throughsplitters.

The IVT-600 supports both Home Phoneline Network Alliance (HPNA) and Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) standards.

JDSU's Plan-Um AP is a software program that allows electrical contractors and broadband service installation technicians to set up simple graphical "blueprints" to plan and maintain home and small office networks.

JDSU has made a special version of Plan-Um AP available for customers using Test-Um's Validator, a networking instrument for certification testing of Cat-3, Cat-5 and coaxial cables. Customers using Validator can upload and download test-related files using Plan-Um, allowing technicians to archive test results and other information for future reference.

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