Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Japan's NETMARKS Offers Remote Network Quarantine SSL VPN Service

NETMARKS, a Japanese integrator of network systems, has launched a remote quarantine managed service based on Juniper Networks' Secure Access SSL VPN appliances.

The solution leverages Juniper's End-point Defense Initiative (J.E.D.I.) and Host Checker functionality to identify and mitigate network threats in a VPN environment and enables remote quarantine of malicious traffic or files at an end-user device.

NETMARKS' 'Network Quarantine Service Remote for J.E.D.I.' is designed to ensure that enterprise security policies are observed, whether employees conscientiously perform regular Windows security updates, keep their anti-virus software updated, or execute rogue applications, such as those connecting to remote and unauthorized computers. In the case a quarantine procedure needs to be undertaken, network administrators can do so via a specially-designed Web application. http://www.juniper.nethttp://www.netmarks.co.jp