Monday, June 5, 2006

Global Crossing's VoIP Integrity Service Offers Real- time Visibility and Reporting

Global Crossing launched an enterprise VoIP Integrity Service, a real-time visibility and reporting service, as the latest addition to its portfolio of Application Performance Management (APM) services.

Global Crossing VoIP Integrity Service, which is built with the Visual UpTime Select VoIP module from Fluke Networks, provides key performance reporting and indicators, including per-call Mean Opinion Score (MOS) metrics, in addition to the standard features of Global Crossing Network Integrity and Global Crossing Application Integrity Services.

"Converged IP networks require high levels of transparency, end-to-end monitoring and end-to-end management to achieve consistent reliability and quality for real-time applications," said Anthony Christie, Global Crossing's chief marketing officer. "By gaining such a high degree of visibility into and control over their VoIP network performance, enterprise network managers can maximize the productivity of their organization and achieve lower total- cost-of-ownership efficiencies."

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