Sunday, June 4, 2006

Global Crossing Launches VoIP Community Peering

Global Crossing announced VoIP Community Peering, an enhancement to its VoIP service that creates an extranet community for enterprises and their various business partners -- such as suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in a supply chain -- that experience high call volumes.

Global Crossing VoIP Community Peering provides Global Crossing VoIP Outbound and VoIP On-Net Plus customers with usage-free VoIP calling to all Global Crossing VoIP Local Service end points.

Global Crossing said VoIP Community Peering would provide the cost benefits of migrating to a full on-net VoIP solution to enterprises not implementing a private number dialing plan.

VoIP Community Peering also creates intranet communities for geographically dispersed, intra-company locations and remote office locations that prefer not to develop a centralized private corporate numbering plan. For example, a pharmaceutical company that empowers each regional division to operate independently and manages its own dial plan still experiences a significant amount of intra-location calling.

Global Crossing's pricing model currently provides customers a fixed monthly recurring charge per simultaneous session required, plus a discounted cost per minute for all calls terminating through the PSTN. With VoIP Community Peering, cost-per-minute charges are not applied if calls are destined for a national or international number served by Global Crossing VoIP Local Service.

  • Global Crossing noted that is now transporting more than 2.4 billion VoIP minutes per month, and VoIP traffic accounted for 74 percent of all voice traffic transported by Global Crossing in the first quarter of 2006. IP traffic on Global Crossing's global IP backbone increased 65 percent in 2005 and grew 26 percent in the first quarter of 2006.

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