Thursday, June 22, 2006

DSL Surges Past 150 Million Worldwide Subscribers

Worldwide DSL subscriptions surged past the 150 million mark in the twelve months to 31 March 2006, according to the latest data produced for the international DSL Forum by industry analyst Point Topic.

The number or new DSL users was 43 million, representing a growth of 39% in the year. There were 11.5 million new subscribers signing up to DSL in the first quarter of 2006.

"This amazing sustained growth of DSL around the world reflects how broadband DSL is becoming essential to the average family, student and business," said Michael Brusca, chairman and president of the DSL Forum.

Highlights include:

  • At the end of the first quarter of 2006, there were 22 countries with more than one million DSL subscribers -- seven nations reached the figure in the twelve months to 31-March-2006.

  • China added almost ten million new subscribers in the 12 months to March 2006 -- three million in the first quarter of 2006 alone -- and is now close to the 30 million DSL subscriber mark.

  • Both Germany (up 3.8 million) and France (up three million) now have more than 10 million DSL subscribers.

  • Of the established nations, with more than one million DSL subscribers as at 31 March 2006, India topped the percentage growth ranking, increasing its subscriber base by more than 700% in twelve months.

  • Significant subscriber increases were also made in Turkey (190% increase), Mexico (99%) and Australia (84.6%). Pakistan growth (484%) led the way in countries with less than one million DSL subscribers, with Morocco, Greece and Bulgaria all experiencing DSL growth of more than 200%.

  • Regionally, the European Union reinforced its position as the world's leading DSL region. The EU added more than 17 million new DSL subscribers in the period to reach 52.8 million -- at a growth of 48% -- extending its global share of the DSL subscriber market to almost 35%.

  • Of the emerging DSL regions, a significant subscriber increase was seen in the Middle East and Africa, which more than doubled its subscriber base to reach 3.45 million -- led by Turkey (up 1.84 million) and Israel (up 830,000). Latin America reached a total of seven million DSL subscribers by 31 March 2006, and now makes up 5% of global DSL subscriptions. Brazil and Mexico accounted for 74% of the region's total growth, adding 1.2 million and 909,000 new DSL subscribers respectively.

  • In North America, the USA added 5.6 million new DSL subscribers, at a growth of almost 34% -- far outstripping the growth of cable modem access in the same period (up 21.9%). DSL also extended its market share in Canada, now accounting for 49% of the country's broadband connectivity.

  • Fourteen established DSL nations have now achieved a market penetration of more than 20% of telephone lines delivering DSL broadband services to homes and businesses -- the DSL Forum's first stage target for a global broadband DSL mass market.