Sunday, June 25, 2006

Corrigent Releases TDM-to-Ethernet Interworking for its Packet Transport Solution

Corrigent Systems released a TDM-to-Ethernet suite of interfaces for its CM-100 packet transport platform. Using the CM-100, service providers can now offer Ethernet services over existing TDM access networks and aggregate these services efficiently on 10 Gbps packet rings. The following new interfaces are now available on the CM-100:

  • 24-port DS3/E3 clear-channel user interface module with Ethernet-over-PDH termination, as well as PPP to Ethernet Layer-2 interworking

  • PPP/MLPPP to Ethernet Layer-2 interworking on 6-port DS3/E3 channelized user interface module

Each of the modules also supports transport of native TDM channels, and the TDM-to-Ethernet interworking capability is configurable on a per-channel basis.

The Layer-2 interworking function on both DS3 interface types is designed to terminate PPP and/or bundled MLPPP sessions and map each individual connection to a standard Ethernet VLAN.