Tuesday, June 20, 2006

CommuniGate Releases Unified SIP Suite for IP Communications

CommuniGate Systems rolled out its upgraded version of CommuniGate Pro with a new scalable infrastructure, applications and access capabilities. CommuniGate Pro is an IMS-ready session call control and application/presence server. The product will allow any user to access IP Communications from web interfaces and software on mobile computing devices.

CommuniGate said its v5.1 release represents the launch of a "SIPify" the world initiative that aims to enable the nearly 2 billion email addresses around the globe to use IMS-ready voice applications.

The new version CommuniGate Pro v5.1 includes the following:

  • Communify -- a full-featured messaging client based on Flash technology and the XIMSS interface (XML API). Within Communify, all aspects of communication are done through one application in a single dashboard, including email, collaboration, IM and RSS feeds, securely from anywhere and reducing administration costs. The client is compatible on Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • XIMSS -- an XML Interface for Messaging, Scheduling and Signalling. The CommuniGate Pro Application server now provides a new XML API for development of clients and access touch points to drive a full IMS strategy for carriers. This new interface is based on the open, proposed standard XIMSS, based on previous XML RFCs. XIMSS transforms CommuniGate Pro into a web application server, allowing providers to extend and develop new light-weight web applications that integrate with CommuniGate Pro 5.1. Communify is built on XIMSS and benefits from a light weight, protocol independent and server-driven "push" architecture. No other native messaging server provides such a rich array of open applications and published APIs.

  • IPv6 support -- IPv6 increases the number of available IP addresses and is required for mobile and IMS compatibility. It allows CommuniGate Pro to be fully IMS interoperable for mobile connectivity, while serving both IPv4 and IPv6 networks simultaneously.

  • XMPP (the Jabber protocol) -- XMPP support will drive interoperability between SIP and XMPP users around the world, and enable CommuniGate Pro users to IM with users on different IM networks, such as Google Talk

  • Calendar views in webmail -- CommuniGate Pro v5.1 provides new, advanced calendar views for collaboration via webmail.

CommuniGate Pro v5.1 allows subscribers a choice of clients -- IP phones, soft clients, traditional telephony, mobile devices, browsers and IM agents through a single account. Traditional telephone and mobile numbers or extensions are available through PSTN connectivity and ENUM, while CommuniGate Pro delivers all modes of IMS-related protocols such as SIP, XMPP, RADIUS and others through an open, high-performance platform, personalized applications built on CG/PL, XML, Perl/Java development modules, and easily used APIs. CommuniGate Pro joins multiple gateways for IP-to-IP, PSTN-to-IP and PSTN-to-PSTN connectivity. Ultimately, with CommuniGate Pro all users have access to a single source for email, collaboration, voice/video and mobile IP Communications.

A fully-featured trial version of CommuniGate Pro is available online.

  • CommuniGate Systems serve over 115 million users, with 40 million voice users through OEMs.

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