Monday, June 5, 2006

Caspian and ETRI Partner on IPv4-to-IPv6

Caspian announ
ced the second phase of its joint technology development partnership with Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) to deliver new IPv6 services. Caspian and ETRI announced Phase I of their joint technology agreement in February 2005 to develop multimedia quality of service (QoS) solutions for South Korea's Broadband convergence Network (BcN) initiative.

Phase II of the joint development agreement between Caspian and ETRI will focus on new IPv6 services that are part of a comprehensive IPv4-to-IPv6 migration strategy. The single gateway solution will provide tunneling of IPv6 traffic over existing IPv4 networks, resulting in one of the world's first QoS implementations of IPv6. The transition solution will permit IPv4 traffic to be tunneled over IPv6 backbones to assure backward compatibility. The strategy is designed to provide a cost-effective transition solution that protects significant investments in IPv4 network infrastructure.

Through its Phase I collaboration with ETRI, Caspian has successfully deployed its Media Controllers in South Korean's Electronic Government (e-Gov) network with Korea Telecom and SK Telecom. The e-Gov networks are one of many BcN initiatives that represent an ambitious countrywide network infrastructure to deliver dedicated bandwidth in support of integrated multimedia services including VoIP, streaming audio and video, and real-time health and welfare response services to 20 million Korean subscribers. Caspian's Media Controllers are being used today to enforce IP traffic management policies and guarantee QoS for MPLS services across the e-Gov network as part of the BcN.

The joint technology efforts between Caspian and ETRI integrate Caspian's flow-state QoS technology with ETRI's expertise in MPLS and IPv6. By combining these technologies, service providers can implement deterministic multimedia networks to reliably deliver voice, video and data services.



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