Sunday, June 25, 2006

Azimuth Develops Power Consumption Tester for Mobile Wi-Fi Devices

Azimuth Systems announced a test solution that enables semiconductor manufacturers, cellular phone vendors, service providers, consumer electronics vendors and PC manufacturers to measure the power consumption of mobile devices.

Azimuth's Wi-Fi Power Consumption Benchmark Suite allows design engineers to measure the power consumption during various Wi-Fi usage modes and to run profiles that can determine the impact of Wi-Fi connectivity on a device's battery life.

Wi-Fi is being embedded into many battery-operated products, imposing additional power demands on their already strained batteries. Because battery life significantly impacts user satisfaction with these products, manufacturers must identify the factors that lead to battery drain.

Azimuth said that although measuring power consumption is a relatively simple process, correlating its affect on battery life for Wi-Fi-enabled devices presents a challenge for most manufacturers. The reason is that mobile devices - especially those that include Wi-Fi capabilities - operate in a variety of states with variable power requirements.

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