Sunday, June 18, 2006

ARRIS Offers 8- and 12-Line Telephony Cable Modems

ARRIS made two new additions to its Touchstone family of CPE products: the 8 line Touchstone TM508A and the 12 line Touchstone TM512A. These two new Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter (E-MTA) products allow cable operators to address the small business and Multiple Dwelling Unit market segments with an integrated voice and high-speed data service offering.

In addition to 8 or 12 primary-line, toll-quality voice lines, these Multiline E-MTAs include a 100BaseT Ethernet interface, all powered by a DOCSIS 2.0 modem and highly scalable DSP architecture.

The Multiline Touchstone E-MTAs support PacketCable call signaling with support for SIP in future releases.

Additional features include programmable "Boost" loop current, provisionable ringing wave forms, loop voltage policy settings and auto-adjusting Caller ID signal levels. Power back-up capability provides 16 hours of service following a commercial power failure.http:/

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