Monday, June 5, 2006

Agere Positions "TrueONE" for Converged Services

Agere Systems introduced its "TrueONE" architected to enable service providers to offer more levels of differentiated, high-margin, billable services at various pricing tiers by leveraging common silicon capabilities in devices throughout their networks.

Agere said its TrueONE capabilities would enable service providers to improve and manage network operations and service delivery by meeting stringent latency (delay) requirements of VoIP and video on demand services; reduce capital and operating expenses; increase the average revenue generated per user (ARPU); and improve customer satisfaction and retention with higher-quality service performance and with new service offerings.

Agere's PayloadPlus network processors, which combine IP processing and traffic management, are the "brains" of the TrueONE communications platforms.

While network processors form the "brains" of TrueONE, Gigabit Ethernet switching chip solutions represent the "heart" of these solutions. Agere said its devices are designed for switching triple play services and do not drop packets even at large "jumbo" sizes. The chips also facilitate in-home high definition TV delivery over Ethernet technology.

Agere's services-enabling TrueONE offerings also showcase the company's digital signal processor (DSP) system chips. These solutions enable delivery of highly delay-sensitive video and voice traffic with the appropriate level of quality.

Agere also announced two major design wins:

Ericsson has selected Agere's APP300 (Agere's Advanced PayloadPlus series network processor product offerings). Agere's APP300, released early last year, features more than 2 Gbps of performance, with classification capabilities and high-performance traffic management QoS.

NEC has selected the Agere Systems APP300 (Advanced PayloadPlus) series network processor-based platform offerings for use in NEC's third-generation (3G) wireless network equipment. Specifically, NEC will use Agere's APP300, as well as associated software, reference designs and development platforms, in 3G infrastructure equipment called 3G Node B. Last year, Agere announced this customer's selection of the same Agere technologies for use in 3G Radio Network Controller infrastructure equipment.

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