Monday, May 1, 2006

SupportSoft's HomeAssist Software Automates Home Network Setup

SupportSoft introduced a new software solution for service providers that helps simplify the set-up and maintenance of a home network while providing a platform for the delivery of value-added services such as enhanced security, file and print sharing and remote access via the Internet.

Key functionality of SupportSoft's HomeAssist software includes:

  • Self-healing proactively detects and automatically repairs issues associated with the set-up and ongoing use of a home network before the customer knows they exist. As a result, costly service calls can be avoided and subscribers are apt to be more satisfied with the use of their network.

  • Assisted service capabilities enable customer service representatives (CSRs) to answer questions and resolve issues specific to the customer's computing environment, helping to eliminate guess-work or time-consuming qualifying questions.

  • Value-added services platform to manage and support a subscriber's home network. SupportSoft is collaborating with Network Magic to enable service providers to deliver innovative home networking services such as printer sharing, remote access and network security functionality.

In conjunction with today's HomeAssist introduction, SupportSoft also announced its collaboration with Network Magic, a provider of home networking software, to enable delivery of value-added home networking products and services.

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