Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunrise Telecom Offers FTTN Installation Test Set

Sunrise Telecom introduced a Home Test Toolkit (HTT) test set designed specifically to facilitate the deployment of next-generation triple play services.

The HTT allows technicians to test key interfaces and signals at the customer location during installation. The HTT's ability to integrate into the customer's back office systems allows results from each installation to be recorded accurately for analysis and quality control.

Specifically, the unit provides automatic "go-no-go" test routines for VDSL, Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HPNA) networks, RF video, Ethernet, 802.11x wireless, copper loop fault identification, POTS testing, and in-house wiring identification and testing. The HTT can upload detailed results of an installation test via Ethernet or wireless Bluetooth interfaces. The lightweight unit is powered by a rechargeable, field replaceable smart battery system, and clips to a technician's belt or drops into a tool bag.

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