Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sprint and RIM Offer Two EV-DO-Capable Devices

Sprint and Research In Motion (RIM) introduced a new BlackBerry 7130e capable of taking advantage of broadband-like speeds delivered on the Sprint Power Vision Network (average download speeds of 400-700 kbps and up to 2Mbps. The handset device offers features like Bluetooth Wireless technology, speakerphone, high-resolution color display and SureType keyboard technology. The BlackBerry 7130e can also be used as a tethered modem in conjunction with a laptop for high-speed Internet and data application access anywhere Sprint has coverage.

Customers purchasing the BlackBerry 7250 from Sprint can also now benefit from broadband-like data speeds of the Sprint Power Vision Network. The BlackBerry 7250 previously introduced by Sprint in 2005, now also features Sprint Mobile Broadband service. The EV-DO-capable device comes equipped with a full-featured phone, Bluetooth Wireless technology, backlit QWERTY keyboard and thumb-operated track wheel navigation and can also be used as a tethered modem for flexible connectivity options.

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