Monday, May 1, 2006

Spirent Enhances Switch and Router Testing

Spirent Communications released a new version of its TestCenter, offering significant improvements in switch and router testing technology.

The Spirent TestCenter 1.20 network performance analysis system offer three key testing elements: white-box testing for routers to quickly discover and diagnose faults; Integrated System Testing to uncover switch faults; and automation to give testers the ability to write scripts for repetitive test cases.

Spirent's white-box test approach for routers provides visibility into device under test (DUT) internals to isolate router faults and trouble shoot in real time. White-box testing allows organizations to extend their traditional testing to include proprietary diagnostics from their DUT and use this time-correlated information to isolate dynamic failure conditions.

Spirent's Integrated System Testing allows switch manufacturers to assess the performance of their equipment in an environment similar to a real network where QoS and security are enabled while operating at extreme scale.

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