Monday, May 1, 2006

Siemens and Time Warner Cable Demonstrate IMS

Time Warner Cable has demonstrated the use of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) technology at its Herndon, Virginia, as a means of delivering integrated fixed line, mobile and Wi-Fi services. Time Warner Cable is using Siemens technology.

One demonstration used several online gaming scenarios to test the
integration of both packet- and circuit-switched telephony networks as well as a range of different wireless and fixed technologies. The technology supported gaming between a user with a wireless device who was playing against an opponent on a fixed-line network device.

The two companies have also demonstrated dual-mode handset usage, including seamless handoffs as users roamed from WiFi coverage -- either at work and at home -- to cellular coverage areas.

"IMS technology is an exciting new technology for consumers who want their devices to work seamlessly together -- including presence-aware features that can direct calls, video and messages to devices that are currently in use and in ways that are most convenient for the end user at any given moment," said Mike LaJoie, Chief Technology Officer at Time Warner Cable. "Rather than being limited in capabilities due to silos of network architectures, IMS promises a new world of seamless provisioning opportunities for broadband operators. This will include the ability of operators to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy highly personalized entertainment services."

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