Wednesday, May 3, 2006

QUALCOMM Builds Support for Windows Mobile Operating System

QUALCOMM and Microsoft are porting the Windows Mobile operating system to QUALCOMM's Mobile Station Modem (MSM) chipsets. The collaboration will enable device manufacturers to develop Windows Mobile-powered phones with MSM chipsets while shortening their product development times.

"Having support for Windows Mobile on QUALCOMM's MSM chipsets will bring a familiar software experience to the next generation of smaller, lighter phones with more appealing form factors," said Dr. Sanjay K. Jha, president of QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies.

QUALCOMM expects to begin offering support for Windows Mobile 5.0 on Convergence Platform MSM chipsets in the second half of 2006. In addition, Microsoft will incorporate a new Board Support Package and Radio Interface Layer for QUALCOMM's Convergence Platform solutions into future distributions of the Windows Mobile platform. Phones leveraging MSM solutions supporting the Windows Mobile platform are forecasted to be available in 2007.

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