Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Optical Internetworking Forum Approves TDM-Protocol

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) has approved the Time Division Multiplex Protocol (TDM-P) Implementation Agreement, which defines a means to aggregate multiple TDM Fabric to Framer (TFI-5) signals into higher rates (x2, x4), like those identified in the Common Electrical Interface (CEI) and CEI Protocol (CEI-P) specifications. Providing a TDM protocol solution for higher data rates enables systems to support higher data throughput within the same physical space. Higher levels of integration traditionally lead to more cost effective and efficient operation.

TDM-P is a SONET/SDH-like backplane interface protocol useful in SONET/SDH cross-connects.

The Forum also began the process of integrating the ongoing technical projects of the Network Processing Forum (NPF) in anticipation of the June 1 merger of the groups that was announced in April.

A new project from the NPF, Serial Look-Aside (SLA), was adopted and initiated as a project by the OIF. SLA interface will be an upgrade to the widely adopted Look-Aside Interface (LA-1) between network processing elements and co-processors such as Network Search Engines (NSE).

Another NPF project, the Scalable Streaming Packet Interface (SPI-S), was sent to OIF membership to begin review and approval. SPI-S is intended to be a serialized upgrade to the OIF's industry-leading Serial Packet Interface (SPI-4.2). The SPI-S draft uses the existing CEI and CEI-P specifications.

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