Sunday, May 14, 2006

Occam Adds 10 GigE Optical Transport to BLC 6000

Occam Networks introduced a 10 GigE Transport and Optical Line Termination (OLT) blade for its BLC 6000 Broadband Loop Carrier System, as well as a new line of Optical Network Terminals (ONTs).

The new BLC 6314 blade adds dual 10 Gigabit Optical Ethernet and multiple 1 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to the BLC 6000, providing symmetrical bandwidth that enables telcos to create very high capacity access networks with 10 Gigabit Ethernet resilient transport rings at a fraction of the cost of SONET-based OC 192.

Occam said there are two primary applications for the BLC 6314:

  • FTTP OLT: Combined with Occam's BLC 6312 blade, the BLC 6000 becomes a high-capacity FTTP Optical Line Termination system with integrated 10 Gigabit Ethernet transport. The BLC 6000 can serve more than 250 subscribers with up to one gigabit of full-duplex bandwidth.

  • Higher capacity access network aggregation: Utilizing Occam's Ethernet Protection Switching (EPS), the BLC 6314 provides resilient 10 Gigabit Ethernet aggregation rings for BLC 6000-based copper and fiber access networks. This capacity is especially critical for IP TV networks, which face increasing bandwidth demands driven by HDTV and growing subscriber take rates of video on demand (VoD).

The BLC 6314 OLT blade is a high-performance Ethernet switch with two 10Gbps Ethernet small form factor pluggable optical subscriber ports to provide the BLC 6000 System with direct active fiber subscriber access distribution, and two 10 Gigabit Ethernet Intelligent Blade Interconnect Architecture (IBIA) copper ports whose distributed processing intelligence and unique blade interconnection system provides the flexibility to economically deploy the BLC 6000 System in low, medium or high density applications. The new blade also includes 16 1Gbps Ethernet ports that when populated with small form factor pluggable (SFP) lasers support optical subscriber drops for homes or businesses.

As with all BLC 6000 blades, the BLC 6314 can be deployed as a single, standalone 1 RU product, which can be stacked with additional units to add capacity and redundancy, or it can be added to the BLC 6000 System chassis for use in high-density deployments. The BLC 6314 OLT is environmentally hardened and suitable for deployment in either Central Offices or Remote Terminal cabinets.

The BLC 6314 is currently in field trials and will be demonstrated at Globalcomm2006.

Occam Networks also introduced the ON 2300 Series of Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), offering various configurations for active fiber deployments that meet the requirements of any type of FTTP installation from brownfield to greenfield.

The company will initially ship the ON 2342, an active fiber Triple Play gateway that is currently in field trials and is expected to ship in June 2006. During Q3, Occam expects to ship the ON 2321, a low cost active fiber gateway that delivers data and video and the ON 2343, an active fiber Triple Play gateway enhanced with an HPNA3 coax connector to enable video delivery directly to the premise via a coaxial cable connection.

The ON 2300 ONT series features a low-profile, environmentally hardened, modular outside enclosures that incorporate snap-in electronics, enabling a telco to initially deploy a data only fiber service to minimize start-up capital costs, and then upgrade to full Triple Play services to meet subscriber demands. The Occam ONT Series enables a Telco to install empty enclosures during the fiber installation and add the electronics when the subscriber is ready to order service, ultimately lowering the overall cost of installation.

Mounted outside of the customer premise, the ON 2300 ONT Series provides symmetrical Gigabit Ethernet transport and direct active fiber subscriber access terminations for the BLC 6000 System's fiber subscriber ports.

The ON 2321 has four 10/100TX Ethernet ports and one Gigabit Ethernet laser connection. It supports multiple high-speed data and IP TV applications, with QoS and intelligence to separate and switch the traffic. Telcos deploying the ON 2321 can offer voice over their existing copper POTS network, or deliver VoIP to a standard wire line phone via a residential gateway, such as a router or an IAD, or to a SIP-enabled IP phone or IP PBX.

The ON 2342 has two POTS ports, four 10/100TX Ethernet ports and one Gigabit Ethernet SFP socket that supports either a single or dual fiber laser. It includes web-based management software and supports media gateway control protocol (MGCP) and Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) for delivering VoIP and IPTV services. The product supports multiple Triple Play services including Lifeline POTS, VoIP, high-speed data, video on demand (VoD) and HD TV applications. The ON 2342 is powered from within the customer premise from by a 12V DC power supply.

The ON 2343 is an enhanced version of the ON 2342 that includes the same feature set with the addition of an HPNA3 coax connector to enable directly delivery of video via a coaxial cable.