Monday, May 29, 2006

NuTel Selects SkyPilot for Nationwide Buildout in Tier 2 Cities

NuTel Broadband Corporation, a broadband wireless managed services provider based in Cranbury, NJ, selected SkyPilot Networks to provide the equipment for Wi-Fi mesh networks that will be built out across more than 200 "Tier 2-5" domestic markets.

NuTel is aiming to reach under-serviced suburban and rural subscribers and small-to-medium sized businesses in regions where broadband wireless network services have been limited or generally unavailable. The company is embarking on an initial 14 state rollout that will go live within the next three months. The company is first targeting the Mississippi Valley from north of St. Louis to the Tennessee border, as well as northeast Arkansas, the Minnesota/Wisconsin borders and areas north of Oklahoma City. Additional regions include west central Ohio north of Dayton, the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh, areas of West Virginia and west Texas reaching eastern New Mexico. And new Wi-Fi networks are being established in the Sacramento, El Dorado, Chico and south San Jose areas of California.

NuTel is delivering broadband Wi-Fi services to suburban and rural areas through a variety of partnerships with local businesses including regional wireless Internet service providers and home services contractors. By combining NuTel's back office management services with SkyPilot's mesh networking gear, these regional WISPs can grow their consumer and small business subscriber base substantially without incurring the expense of back office and support overhead.


Broadband Wireless Economics through Synchronous Mesh Networking
networking provides a completely new way of looking at wireless networking
economics. Mesh networks can address the two major areas of cost for
traditional point-to-multipoint topologies. First, mesh networks can use

Wireless backhaul to
minimize the expense of leased facilities and eliminate trenching. Second,
mesh base stations are a fraction of the cost of macro-cell base stations,
which makes extending coverage out to suburban and rural areas incremental
and profitable.

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