Monday, May 15, 2006

Nortel Announces Metro Ethernet Initiative

Nortel appointed Philippe Morin as president of a new Metro Ethernet Networks initiative. The company said its business strategy is based on the increasing reliance on Ethernet as the standard protocol for both LAN and WAN communications to break the bandwidth bottleneck between fiber and metro networks. In addition, Nortel's Metro Ethernet Networks will focus on wireless capabilities, using its Metro Ethernet solution to ensure such applications as high-bandwidth video provide real-time speed and quality to mobile devices.

Morin previously served as general manager of Nortel's Optical group, which grew approximately 24% last year to US$1.2 billion.

"With IPTV, IMS and other applications evolving quickly, service providers will face huge bandwidth challenges across all networks - wireless, wireline and cable. Metro Ethernet Networks is the first step in getting Nortel in front of that curve to win in this critical new space in the market," said Mike Zafirovski, Nortel's CEO.