Monday, May 1, 2006

NET Launches VX Series Universal Voice Exchange

Network Equipment Technologies introduced its VX Series Universal Voice Exchange for delivering integrated, secure lower cost VoIP and mobility to the enterprise. Based on NET's SHOUT voice technology, the VX Series provides "any-to-any" gateway functionality and interoperability with existing telecommunications and data network infrastructure. The VX Series also enables VoIP and enterprise mobility applications with session border control and call system integration that extends enterprise PBX functionality to mobile handsets.

NET also provides its VX Security Accelerator Module (SAM), a wire-speed, full-capacity SRTP solution, available as an optional hardware accelerated-security module for the VX Series product line. Interoperability tests with the latest SRTP RFC 3711 standards have been successfully completed.

Specific features of the VX 900 & VX 2500 Universal Voice Exchange include:

  • integrated, multi-function voice switch

  • intelligent session border controller

  • vendor-independent remote survivability

  • extensive call system interoperability

  • true telecom traffic management

  • advanced call security

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