Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Motorola Introduces Enterprise Mobility Framework

Motorola introduced a software framework designed to enable rapid development and deployment of enterprise-wide mobile applications, with integration to existing information systems. The Motorola Mobility Suite offers device-level intrusion protection, user authentication and authorization, data encryption and secure network access control. In addition, comprehensive management of mobile devices is enabled through the platform, with key features including device provisioning, configuration management, backup and restore, and diagnostics.

The Mobility Suite also provides a web services-based approach to integrating and mobilizing business applications such as Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation and Executive Information Systems, supporting both online and offline processing modes. Motorola said this enables mobile workers to more effectively and efficiently manage enterprise information, improve customer service and enhance customer loyalty.

"Enterprise CIOs need an integrated approach to securing and managing the rapidly growing population of mobile devices accessing corporate information systems," said Motorola's John DeFeo, corporate vice president, Enterprise Products. "They also want the ability to leverage existing tools and technology to help achieve a rapid return on investment. The Mobility Suite provides a comprehensive solution to enhance mobile worker productivity across a wide variety of industries and job functions."

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